Philosophy & Methodology

We practice flexibility in creating unique and custom solutions for each of our clients, domestically and abroad. However, our core beliefs are deliberately inflexible.

We consistently uphold our philosophy, which acknowledges the critical role of staff members. Their ongoing professional growth and success is best enhanced through a facilitated learning process that guides them to greater knowledge and skills through active participation. We also affirm that staff members come to the table with rich, existing experience in teaching and learning techniques, as well as student needs. Honoring that knowledge is the basis for our success and the starting point for every engagement.

Our Methodologyplan do study act cycle

We utilize a Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) methodology to ensure that our engagement with your school or district results in clear, measurable improvements. This scientific model, derived by Langley and colleagues, interrupts the impulse to take immediate action by inserting periods of study prior to acting. PDSA cycles provide a framework for developing, testing, and implementing changes that lead to improvement. It is a safeguard for continually moving in an intelligent (rather than reactive) direction.